Kaysha Pryor

Assistant Coordinator

Kaysha D Pryor was born and raised in Cleveland Ohio. Ms. Pryor joined ODA in September 2017 as the Assistant Coordinator at Miles Park School.  Kaysha has extensive experience with customer service and working with the youth. She is excited to be a part of ODA and has a passion for kids.


Kaysha has been taught so many important lessons by her parents while growing up in a Christian home that she loves to pass on to the youth. She is very active in her community, volunteering with young girls in different children’s homes as well as detention centers, and is very dedicated to change.


Kaysha is currently pursuing her degree in Psychology and looks forward to receiving her degree. In her spare time, she loves to praise dance, plan events, write and spend time with her family. One of the things that she enjoys most in life is giving to others.