At Open Doors Academy, we believe that education is the key to helping kids break the cycle of multigenerational poverty.

Poverty and all the things that fuel it work against our children’s success, both in the classroom and in life. The traditional school day – 8am to 3pm, late August through May – is not sufficient to address these issues. We recognize that schools and teachers are working their hardest, but kids need more.

So, ODA has developed a unique model of out-of-school time programming. What’s that? Think “afterschool,” but more. We partner with public schools and charter schools to elevate kids to new levels of learning. We combine partnerships with schools and communities, family engagement, a continuum of programming, and strong adult-peer relationships to maximize our impact.

No, it’s not easy work.

We do it because we are 100% for kids.

Jim Sukys
Interim President & CEO