Now offering Remote Learning Centers in partnership with Breakthrough Schools

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Breakthrough Schools to offer Remote Learning Centers for the upcoming school year. These centers, operating in six Breakthrough schools across Greater Cleveland, will be safe, out-of-home spaces for a limited number of scholars to complete their remote learning.

What are Remote Learning Centers (RLCs)?

These will be safe, supervised out-of-home locations where Breakthrough scholars can do their remote learning.

Why is ODA & Breakthrough offering RLCs?

We are working to support our families in as many ways as we can during these challenging times. We hope RLCs can provide safe, supervised, and distraction-free places for scholars to learn.

Who is eligible for RLCs?

Any enrolled Breakthrough family is eligible to sign up for an RLC; however, we will only be able to offer a certain number of spaces due to social distancing. In order to be eligible, please complete the required registration below if you are interested and in need. Seats will be limited.

Not enrolled at Breakthrough? Complete an application here. 

*If demand exceeds capacity, preference will be given to scholars without an adult at home during the school day.

Will transportation be provided?
No. Parents/guardians are responsible for providing transportation.

When will RLCs be open?
We currently expect the program to start a few weeks after the school year starts.

Quick What will the hours be for the RLCs?
Our current plan is for RLCs to operate Tuesday through Friday, 8am–4pm.

Where will RLCs be located?
We are currently considering RLCs to be located at six Breakthrough campuses; however, campuses will be determined by demand and preference.

Can I pick which RLC to attend?

In the application below, you will be asked to indicate your most preferred location and other locations you could be able to get your child to on a daily basis.

After registering, you will be assigned a building. Our first choice is to have you attend the building you would normally attend if the school was in person, but building demand will indicate where you will ultimately be placed.

How do I register for RLCs?
Complete the required form below and we will get touch to complete your registration.

What about ODA Programming?

In addition to the support from ODA during the school day, traditional ODA programming will be offered both before and afterschool.

We’re in this together.

Academic instruction and lessons will be delivered remotely by Breakthrough teachers while the ODA team provides in-person support, supervision, and care for your kids. ODA Staff will continue to implement ODA programming for you scholar(s) at the Breakthrough sites during this time both before and afterschool. If you are a family in need of a safe, supervised environment for you scholar, we encourage you to learn more about this initiative here.

Quick Facts

  • All CDC guidelines will be followed and masks will be required.
  • In order to maintain social distance, there will be a 9:1 student-to-adult ratio.
  • RLC’s will be open Tuesday to Friday, from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm. Monday’s schedule may vary.
  • We will provide free breakfast and free lunch to all scholars.

Our new “normal.”

At this time, we are happy to share that we will continue virtual programming throughout all of our districts. We will share more information once we finalize the details.

We are 100% for our kids, and we’ll be there to support you through this challenging times – no matter what.