Abigail Brinks

Campus Coordinator

Abigail Marie Brinks joined ODA in 2o21. She graduated from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte with a double major in International Studies with a concentration in Peace, Conflict, and Identity as well as Theatre with double minors in Religious Studies and Film Studies. Abigail studied abroad at Richmond, the American International University in London for three semesters where she polished her Theatre degree.  

She has worked in various educational jobs to become more versed with students that are just starting to students that are entering higher levels of education. Abigail has worked with children’s education as an entertainer, substitute teacher, SAT/ACT proctor, and briefly with America Reads. Global education, studying abroad, and Global outreach is very important to her. She is very passionate about non-profit work as well as outreach for the arts and education.  

 Abigail is an avid traveler, having been to thirteen countries, twenty-six statesand counting.  When she is not working in education, Abigail loves to work in kitchens, having been an ice cream maker and prep chef for many years.  As an keen learner, Abigail’s goal is to become a tenured professor and obtain her doctorate. She is never finished with learning and takes every opportunity to learn something new each day.