Amber Erwin


Amber Erwin is a native born Clevelander and lover of all things food & travel. 

As a former Ohio State University Agriculture studentMs. Amber studied abroad in Ghana, West Africa. It was there that she experienced the cultural and economic inclusion despite adversities. Ms. Erwin continued her education at The Kent State University and obtained a Bachelors degree in Educational Science and a certificate in Disability and Community Inclusion. Using her applied learning, she went abroad to perform a qualitative study in Cuba on Literacy & Sustainability. Amber has shared her professional skills with The Phyllis Wheatley Association, Gay Gamesand Catholic Charities. She has provided years of volunteer service with communities such as Glenville, Kent and Greater Cleveland.   

As a new employee of Open Doors Academy, Amber brings a unique set of gift and talents to help move the students into the adventure of living their best lives.