Anima Donkor

Euclid Program Manager

Anima Donkor joined Open Doors Academy in September 2020. She has served as an in-person Program Coordinator at Citizen’s Academy Southeast in the Breakthrough system and now manages the Euclid District programs. Anima received her Master’s degree in International Studies from The Ohio University. 

Before working at ODA, Ms. Anima was an instructor at The Ohio University for two years. She also worked with summer camps (Blueprint Summer Programs and Envision) as an education lead/advisor. Both her work at The Ohio University and summer camps around the country reinforced her passion for education and educational research, particularly among minoritized populations. Ms. Anima has also served as an advisor and cultural consultant for the Office of Multicultural Students Access and Retention Center (OMSAR) and Ohio Valley International Council (OVIC), all at The Ohio University.

Ms. Anima is passionate about D.E.I issues and in her spare time, she spends time reading and researching. Ms. Anima also loves to cook and dance.