Jacquelyn Clemens

Program Manager

Jacquelyn Clemens is a recent Cleveland implant coming from Philadelphia. She attended Temple University where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in public health. With that came an appreciation for direct-service work, an understanding of urban communities, families, and educational structures, and how she would find her niche in the system.

Back in Philadelphia, she was working with transient, at-risk young adults in a drop-in center setting. The backbone of the agency focused on sexual health, particularly surrounding HIV prevention and education. She served a key connection to linking the young participants to counseling, health care, and life necessities. Following that, she was a Pre-K Assistant teacher where she developed a passion for prevention and early childhood development.

Going into her second year with Open Doors Academy, after an amazing summer getting to know all the scholars, she is excited to continue work at E-prep Cliffs with new and returning scholars.

Her goal is to be a strong and reliable liaison between the community, school, and family for each child she interacts with. Ultimately, she strives to provide any ODA scholar a chance to develop their skills as leaders, visionaries, and passionate life-long learners.
In her free time Jackie can be found crafting, playing, hiking, biking, porching, lounging, and spending time with friends.