Jelenna Winfree

Campus Coordinator

Jelenna Winfree is the administrator and Campus Coordinator at E Prep Woodland Hills. She officially entered the education field in 2016 when she worked as a Lead Teacher at Brightside Academy teaching 2-year-olds. Unofficially, she has been an educator most of her life. She is extremely passionate about changing the social-emotional dynamic of children. She feels that children often feel overlooked, and she feels that their opinions, thoughts, and ideas are ignored, which usually results in anger and behavior issues. Jeleena believes teaching children how to manage and express their anger and emotions in a healthy way helps to minimize negative behaviors that often create barriers to learning.

Jeleena values love, truth, and peace and that is what she attributes she aims to bring to her scholars and their families every day. She believes our scholars are our future and she desires to see a future full of love, peace, and truth.

When she is not teaching, Jeleena usually spends time with her five kids, six grandchildren, and two dogs. She also loves listening to and making music, reading books, watching action movies, eating good food, and worshipping God.