Nicole Rossa

Campus Coordinator

Nicole Rossa is the new Campus Coordinator for Monticello Middle School at Open Doors Academy. Nicole has a passion for words and story telling that lead her to an English Degree from Texas State University and a former career as a stand up comedian. Prior to her position at ODA, Nicole served as the Program Coordinator for Lake Erie Ink’s Ink Spot after school program and as After School Program Coordinator for Ace Academy, a school for gifted and talented children in Austin, Texas.

In her free time Ms. Nicole leads two passion projects. The Cleveland Soup & Bread Experiment is a grassroots organization, of community members, that comes together once a month to share a meal and raise money for a good cause. The second project, The Old Vaudevillian, a small business focused on redevelopment of underutilized real estate through cultivated retail experiences.

When Nicole isn’t busy planning something, she hangs out with her husband and dog, visiting community festivals throughout the city. Her personal philosophy, “Bad days make great stories.”