Open Doors Academy (ODA) is a comprehensive learning program that works closely with schools to provide extensive year-round, out-of-school learning; with a structured daily curriculum that is developed to meet Ohio Department of Education’s Core Academic Standards.

ODA Summer Programming 2020 will be LIVE on Friday, May 29. Stay tuned to register here.

Open Doors Academy (ODA) is a youth development model that is committed to breaking the cycle of multi-generational poverty by creating a pipeline of support and guidance, promoting life-long learning through the provision of out-of-school time enrichment programming. Through our mission we seek to protect, inspire, nurture, and challenge youth to reach their full potential.

Through our ambitious goal of breaking the cycle of multi-generational poverty, we aspire to see each youth we serve demonstrate:
• Sustained employment in a career path
• Positive, nurturing and caring relationship with their families and communities
• Good decisions for their lives and uphold the rights of others
• Resilience in coping with and recovering from stress and shocks
• Investment in their education, health, and family

Elementary School Summer Reading Camp

Through a joint partnership with St. Paul’s Episcopal Church (the origin of ODA), ODA and St. Paul’s have joined forces to offer a 4-week summer reading and literacy development camp that serves the younger sibling of ODA scholars. This camp is designed for rising 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students who’s older siblings are enrolled in ODA. The camp focuses on developing critical literacy skills including reading comprehension, vocabulary, composition, and fluency. The weekly themed camp combines large and small group reading opportunities, along with individual reading with a mentor.

By providing services to the younger siblings of our scholars, we eliminate a barrier for middle school scholars to attend ODA Summer Camp as they are often responsible for overseeing their younger siblings during the summer when their parents are at work. In addition to offering valuable enrichment programming to a new population, the camp also serves as an introduction for the younger siblings to ODA. Summer reading camp runs Monday thru Friday, from 7:30am to 5pm for four-weeks.

Middle School

ODA’s Middle School Programming includes mentoring, homework help, service- learning projects, and enrichment programming. The goal of ODA’s middle school programming is to address those developmental barriers that inhibit the learning process, provide youth with a safe environment to explore their own interests, and open doors to opportunities that otherwise would not be available.

In addition to our core learning model, youth are provided daily opportunities to complete their homework and receive academic support through small group evening tutoring.

The program provides middle school scholars with a safe environment to address academic issues, develop soft skills, and build healthy relationships with peers.

We also incorporate project-based learning experiences, team-building exercises, mindfulness practice, service learning, and field trips.

High School

ODA’s Pathways to Independence Program (PIP) is designed to prepare high school scholars for post-secondary education, career exploration, and transition into adulthood by focusing on three core areas: College & Career Readiness, Core Competencies to Adulthood, and Global Education & Intercultural Fluency.

Beyond middle school, Open Doors Academy seeks to ensure that our youth have the opportunity and support that they need to graduate from high school and complete a post-secondary degree at a college institution or trade school. ODA’s high school program provides our students with continued support throughout their high school careers.

Programming consists of opportunities for volunteering in the community, summer paid/unpaid internships, weekly afternoon workshops focused on developing 21st-century work skills, college tours, national service learning trips, and individual mentoring and support.

Our expectations remain high for our high school students. Each student is expected to meet with their mentor at least once a month to establish both short-term and long- term goals targeted towards their career path.

Post-Secondary Support

Through its’ concentrated focus on ensuring that each youth we serve successfully navigates their pathway to independence as an adult, ODA provides continued mentoring and coaching support to its’ post-secondary scholars through one on one coaching support with a post-secondary counselor through their first two years of post-secondary education, and additional points of contact, programming, and opportunities to stay engaged and in touch throughout their educational journey.

The Post-Secondary Counselors serve as advocates for our scholars and their families. They ensure that scholars not only have access to and resources for obtaining meaningful employment, but are also equipped with supportive services required to maintain employment and succeed in their career fields.


Summertime at ODA is the busiest time of year! Our summer programming includes more than 60 individual week-long summer camps where scholars are provided with the opportunities to explore new interests and skills while keeping an eye toward future career paths.

Summer Camp allows scholars to keep their minds engaged by exploring interests and developing new skills. Individual camps focus on 1 of 5 areas: Arts & Culture, STEM, Leadership Development, Health & Wellness, and Career Pathways.

Camps involve hands-on, project-based learning, and culminate in a presentation or performance. Community partners lead several camps in order to provide scholars with expert instruction and exposure to industry leaders.

Over 60 individual camps are offered across the eight weeks of summer programming. Summer camps operate Monday through Thursday from 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM for eight weeks. All scholars are provided with transportation to and from the campsites as required.

Check out a snap shot of our summer camps here


ODA’s Family Advocacy and Engagement program includes enhancement of parents’ knowledgebase and toolset for how to support their child emotionally, psychologically, financially, and physically throughout adolescence.

Throughout ODA’s seven-year programming continuum, our Family Advocacy Program ensures that parents and other caregivers invest in and become advocates for their children’s development and education. The program is designed to make sure that parents have access to and connect with resources that allow them to maintain a stable life at home for their children.

The best way to facilitate optimal outcomes for our scholars is to address their needs while also providing tools and assistance for their parents. ODA provides “Parent Power Seminars” every month to help parents develop tools to support their children, family events throughout the year to further engage parents in programming, site potlucks to build community, as well as orientations and one-on-one conferences for parents to touch base with staff on scholar progress. Each year, ODA coordinates at least four major events for families to participate in. Those events include the Family Fun Fitness Day, Holiday Celebration, a Night at the Museum, and the International Festival.

In an effort to increase parent engagement, we have also created a Parent Advisory Council (PAC). Every ODA campus has a representative on the PAC. The PAC provides the ODA Board and Programming Team with feedback and ideas on how to improve programming and support for scholars and families.