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Intensive Resources + Strong Relationships.


Open Doors Academy (ODA) is a comprehensive learning program that works closely with schools to provide extensive year-round, out-of-school learning with a structured daily curriculum that is developed to meet Ohio Department of Education’s Core Academic Standards.


At the core of ODA’s program is building a safe haven filled with support, creating a sense of community, and fostering kids’ confidence. ODA builds this environment by engaging parents, teachers, and other community partners.

Our scholars participate in project-based learning experiences such as core enrichment programs and academic tutoring, full-day summer camps, and service-learning trips – all of which are built around their developmental needs.


Our Elementary School Program provides a comprehensive, evidence-based learning program that works closely with schools to provide year-round, out-of-school learning with a structured daily curriculum to enhance learning that begins during the school day. Our programs include Academic Learning and Hands-on Project-based Learning.

We know that strong academic and interpersonal skills are built a little at a time, day by day, throughout childhood and beyond. We support this steady growth with consistent tools that are proven to facilitate learning.

Out-of-school time is different from the school day. Our approach to learning is more flexible than a traditional classroom environment and embraces non-traditional learning styles. Because all scholars learn differently, we seek to provide a diversity of learning experiences to give all scholars an opportunity to learn, to grow, and to shine.

Hands-on, project-based learning is ideal for out-of-school time because it allows scholars to collaborate and learn at the pace that best suits them. It also provides scholars with a say in what projects the group may undertake and brings focus to topics that peak their interests and passions.


ODA’s model begins by engaging kids in grades 5 through 8. We provide them with a safe environment after school to focus on completing homework, exploring their interests, and exposing them to opportunities that otherwise might not be available to them. During these after-school hours, our middle school scholars address academic issues, develop soft skills, and build healthy relationships with peers. We incorporate project-based learning experiences, team-building exercises, service learning, and field trips as means to help our scholars grow.


After middle school, ODA scholars join our high school program, which prepares them for postsecondary education, career exploration, and the transition into adulthood. Programming includes individual mentoring and support, afternoon workshops to prepare for college and careers, college tours, local and national service-learning trips, and internships. The goal is to ensure scholars have the opportunity and support needed to graduate from high school and complete a postsecondary pursuit, such as college, vocational training, or joining the military.


Our postsecondary program addresses challenging transitions – such as the transition from teenager to young adult, and from high school to college. We help scholars by keeping them connected to a community of support, coaching and mentoring them through the process of successfully completing a postsecondary option, and then entering a career pathway.


Our middle school scholars participate in eight weeks of summer camp, and we offer dozens of week-long camps focused on arts and culture, health and wellness, career exploration, and more. We hire our freshman and sophomore scholars as assistant camp counselors. And we place juniors and seniors in internships with community partners.

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At Open Doors Academy we partner with parents to meet the needs of their children. Parents are children’s first teachers, and they know their children’s interests, personalities, and needs better than anyone. That is why we collaborate with them on educational and recreational activities, building a community of trust and support to meet their kids’ and families’ needs. Our monthly Parent Partnership Seminars provide the opportunity to learn how to address issues affecting their families. And our Parent Advisory Council provides feedback and ideas on how to improve programming and support for our scholars and families.