When kids feel safe and loved it’s amazing what they can do. We’ve been providing students with a safe, secure place for two decades. Thanks to the support of valuable donors like you. It’s with your help that we’ve been able to develop curriculum to engage them in academics and prepare them for life.

The results are extremely gratifying. 100 percent of our alumni graduate from high school. And 100 percent graduate from post secondary education. Even after they graduate high school, our alumni remain committed to Open Doors Academy—often participating and giving back to the program they love.

We have set aggressive goals for the future as we know there are even more children in need. Without donors, we will not be able to continue our good work.

Thank you for continuing to make this possible.


  • 75% of scholars who begin programming in middle school, continue to participate all the way through high school and college.
  • 100% of our scholars who have completed 3 years of middle school programming have successfully graduated high school over the past 15 years.
  • ODA scholars self report high efficacy in their career aspirations, a high level of interest in pursuing their ambitions, and a commitment to learning.
  • For every dollar invested in an ODA scholar, the return is $5 in earning power

2020 Evaluation Reports

Parent Requirements
Woodland Hills Report Outline and Narrative
Roxboro Evaluation Report Outline and Narrative
Orchard STEM Report Outline and Narrative
Monticello Evaluation Report Outline and Narrative
Miles Park Report Outline and Narrative
Euclid Central Evaluation Report Outline and Narrative
Euclid 8th Evaluation Report Outline and Narrative
AB Hart Report Outline and Narrative
E Prep Cliffs Evaluation Report Outline and Narrative

Evaluation Report Orchard
Evaluation Report Monticello
Evaluation Report Miles Park
Evaluation Report E Prep Woodland Hills
Evaluation Report AB Hart
Evaluation Report E Prep Cliffs


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