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Why You Should Join ODA 

We are always looking for talented, passionate, mission-driven individuals who are committed to educational equity. Our rock star staff make a difference every day.

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Our Values

We are always reflecting on what defines us. No matter our role or our task, we are committed to these core principles which we call our Essential Ten.

Our Essential Ten

100% For Our Kids Curiosity Preparedness Positive Intent Progress Equity Collaboration Inclusivity Communication Compassion

We leave it all in the ring

100% For Our Kids

We place scholar success and safety above all else. We understand that scholars may need support at unlikely times and in uncommon ways, and we don’t shy away from uncomfortable conversations. We believe that no action is taken in vain.

We ask the hard questions


What can be learned from a failed programming initiative? How can ODA work to solve systemic injustices scholars face? Why do scholars behave the way they do? We take time to learn and grow from every experience. Our motivation is to intentionally develop ourselves in service of our mission. We are intentional in developing and motivating ourselves.

We are always ready


We are intentional in our work, taking care to plan each step and interrogate every choice while exploring unconventional options. We pay attention to how scholars and families might respond and leave no stone unturned.

We choose to believe

Positive Intent

Everyone is working to the best of their ability and with the best interests of the organization and our communities in mind. We welcome and respect diverse and creative ideas, because traveling the road of success can look very different for everyone.

We strive


To always be better that yesterday. Excellence is not an immediate achievement, but rather a product of daily improvement.

We exist to level the playing field


We promote equal access to the resources that our scholars and families need to thrive. Striving for justice in all things removes the barriers to equity in our education system and our communities.

We work together


We build trust, develop a purpose, and empower individuals to better serve our community. Collaboration strengthens our culture and leads to longstanding investment. Our work is done best when we synthesize the diverse facts and strengths of our staff to provide the best possible service for our families, scholars, and community.

Our diversity is our source of strength


Our diversity is our greatest asset, empowering us to serve scholars and families based on individual need. Everyone’s voice is heard at the same volume, and we provide space for open dialogue.

We communicate authentically and transparently


When we are communicating effectively, information travels clearly through the organization. The rationale behind the decisions takes center stage.

Everyone has their own daily existence


We do our best to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes because it is easy to judge others by their actions and ourselves by our intent. We always aim to establish a trusting and safe space for everyone to be their authentic selves.


Next Steps

ODA kids have big dreams
and high hopes.

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