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Is Open Doors Academy a school?

No, ODA is not a school. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Cleveland, Ohio. We are an out-of-school time (OST) provider and offer afterschool and summer programs coupled with year-round family engagement and scholar travel opportunities.

We partner with different schools and districts across Ohio to offer our services within school buildings. While we may not run or operate a school, we work in school buildings and partner closely with all types of schools (public, charter, private). We go where the students are and support them however they need us.

What is OST?

OST stands for Out-of-School Time, essentially any and all learning that takes place outside of the traditional hours and environment of a school day. This may include before school, after school, summer, and school breaks.

ODA operates OST programming year-round and specializes in afterschool and summer programming, with other service and immersion learning trips throughout the year.

Where do your programs take place?

ODA currently operates 19 program sites across Northern Ohio, 18 of which are run in schools. ODA partners closely with a variety of school districts across Northern Ohio to provide a seamless transition to afterschool programming.

The one site we operate that’s not at a school is located at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Cleveland Heights. ODA first started at this church back in 1992, when staff opened their doors to a group of middle school students who needed a safe place to go at the end of the school day.

ODA and the church have remained close partners since, and we continue to operate one of our afterschool programs at this location. ODA’s programs are not religiously based or affiliated.

Are your staff teachers? Part-time? Volunteers?

ODA staffs our OST programs with paid staff members. Over 90% of these staff members are full-time and work with us year-round. On occasion, we employ part-time staff members who support programming as tutors, substitutes, and/or content area experts.

We also partner with teachers to offer extension learning opportunities by school staff during afterschool programs.

How are you funded?

ODA is funded through a variety of sources, including the government, corporations, foundations, and individuals. We strive to raise the funds we need year after year to continue offering our services at low cost to families.

How can I get involved?

We’re glad you asked! We have so many ways you can get involved, from volunteering in a classroom to helping the organization meet strategic priorities. Click here for more information or email advancement.

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How is ODA different from afterschool care?

ODA is much more than aftercare. We pair intensive resources and strong relationships for a unique and holistic model that helps scholars and families grow. Through rigorous academic learning tools, tutoring, diverse enrichment activities, community partnerships, field trips, family workshops, and travel opportunities, we make out-of-school time a space that can be truly transformative.

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