A broader mission

We’re for Ohio kids.


Communities across the state choose to partner with Open Doors Academy. We continue to expand our geographic reach to meet the need for our services because the demand is there: For every 1 child in an afterschool program, 5 are waiting to get in. 

All children need a place to go when the school day ends, and ODA works with districts across the state to ensure working parents have access to high-quality afterschool programs. 

Outside of Northeast Ohio, ODA operates customized afterschool programs across Northern Ohio. We build programs together with school districts that are responsive to the local needs of the community. We design the program, train the teachers, provide curriculum and other resources, and provide backend support to these partners so the programs can thrive. 

Our current district partners outside of Northeast Ohio include: 

If you’re interested in partnering with ODA in your community, please email info@odacle.org