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Meet Dalan: Open Doors Academy scholar and third grader at Orchard STEM

Meet Dalan Santiago, a bright and enthusiastic third-grader with a passion for learning and a curious mind. Dalan told us about speaking Spanish, loving math, and appreciating his ODA coordinators.

Meet Dalan: Open Doors Academy scholar and third grader at Orchard STEM

Hi Dalan! How was your day?

Today has been good. Right now we are in ALT, which is academic learning time. We were learning about Mexico before but now we are moving on to something new.

We saw your site perform at the International Festival. What was your favorite thing you learned about Mexico?

I don't have a favorite part really. But I like that in Mexico they speak Spanish and I speak Spanish at home with family. So that was cool.

Will you teach us one word in Spanish?

Sure! Say animal (ah-nee-mal) which means animal.

How long have you been a part of our afterschool program?

I've been in ODA two years. I love ODA. I started in first grade. My sister and I started together. She's 10 now.

What are your favorite things about ODA?

I like that I get to learn about others and help out. We also get to play fun games and go places. Last year we went on a field trip to "Get Air". It was so much fun.

We heard that you also like to help others during school. Could you tell us about that?

I don't think about it much. I just do it. A lot of people help me all the time. I really like it when I get to help them. It makes me feel good. I try and help everyone when I can.

That’s awesome. You're helping change the world. What else do you like about school?

I really love math. It's so much fun! Multiplication is my favorite right now. You can quiz me you want!

What's 5x5?


Impressive, Dalan! Is there anything else you'd like to say to our community?

Yes, I want to say I love my school, Orchard STEM. And, I want to say thank you to my ODA teachers. Ms. Jhosephine, thank you for always being there and Ms. Elyse for always teaching me new things.


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