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Meet Terrance Jones: Open Doors Academy Breakthrough Third Grade Scholar

In this month's Scholar Spotlight, we spoke with Terrance Jones, a third grade scholar at Breakthrough's Village Prep Woodland Hills. Terrance is known among his peers and ODA staff for his unwavering enthusiasm and readiness to dive into any task. The staff mentors at ODA commented on Terrance's eagerness to participate in class discussions and activities, dedication to completing homework, and incredible energy he brings to our ODA community.

Meet Terrance Jones: Open Doors Academy Breakthrough Third Grade Scholar

Great to meet you, Terrance! What has been your favorite experience this year in programming?

I've really enjoyed meeting new friends. My favorite day was when we made cookies and paper airplanes. We tested our planes to see how far they could go. It was so much fun.

What were your first impressions of Open Doors Academy?

This is my first year in the program. It was hard at first. I needed a lot of help. Miss Jay and Miss Lilly helped me a lot and my grades keep getting better. I am really happy my mom signed me up. I really love ODA.

Can you tell us about your favorite field trip?

We went to United Skates to go skating. I liked that we got to purchase snacks and actually skate. I don't get to go that often.

Did someone help you or did you teach yourself to skate?

I taught myself but my friends in the program can skate really good so they all helped me.

What are some other things you've done?

I went to CAVS night. I got to go to the game. It was so much fun. I got to spend time with my brother since he's not in the program and show him all the stuff we do.

What is your favorite academic subject?

Right now it is math. I've been loving math and it's getting easier.

Has attending ODA helped you improve your schoolwork?

Yes, because the ODA mentors help me with my homework. They ask everyday if we need help and then split everyone into groups.

Miss Jay mentioned that you have been a big help. What makes you want to be involved?

Before, when I didn't help, I used to get in trouble. But now, I raise my hand and participate. It's different. I can stay more focused by helping and it makes me feel good. That's why I want my brother and everyone to join because being active helps me stay out of trouble.

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