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Meet the Bracey Bunch: Citizens Academy Glenville Family

This month, we're excited to shine a spotlight on the Bracey family, a dynamic crew filled with love, laughter, and boundless energy. We spoke about favorite experiences and goals with kindergartner Aaliyah, second grader Seven, Edwin in fifth grade, seventh grader Keith, and their amazing mom, Jessica.

Meet the Bracey Bunch: Citizens Academy Glenville Family

Hi Bracey Brunch! Thank you for joining us today. Ms. Bracey, will you share a little background about your family?

Mom: You know, we moved here a year ago from Toledo. After a year in another school district, I transferred them this year to Citizens Academy Glenville. I've seen a huge difference. And I love ODA. ODA isn’t a normal aftercare program. It’s so much more and I appreciate it. It allows me not to rush after work, and I know my children are getting the care they need.

That’s great to hear. What has been your favorite activity so far this year?

Mom and Keith: All of them

Mom: Every one! We haven’t missed a family event, site event, or field trip this year. We love and enjoy all the activities. From the Natural History Museum, to the fall festival at their school and the Holiday Dinner. It’s all been amazing.

Edwin: The Holiday Dinner was my favorite event this year!

Aaliyah: My favorite thing so far was making snowflakes.

Seven: That was my favorite too. We made snowflakes and built gingerbread houses. I made a dog house and I really liked it.

It sounds like you all have been having fun. How do you balance school and extracurricular activities, especially with your different grade levels?

Keith: ODA helps a lot. You help us with tutoring, so it doesn’t matter what grade we are in. We all get help, even with our homework.

What is everyone’s favorite subject?

Keith: Mine is math

Edwin: I really like science

Mom: They’re all doing well. Aaliyah already made honor roll. I’m very proud of their growth.

How do you celebrate achievements, big or small, within the family, and what does success look like for the Bracey family?

Mom: We celebrate with a lot of love. We’ve had some wins this year. As I mentioned Aaliyah made honor roll. She and Seven have both made Citizen of the Month, Edwin was Leader of the Month. They define success for themselves every day through their actions. Again, I’m proud of their work this year. ODA has really helped them blossom, especially socially.

Thank you for joining us today. We appreciate your time. Do the scholars have any individual goals or aspirations they're working towards?

Mom: They are reaching individual goals every day without them realizing it. That’s another reason why I love ODA. I see them blossoming as individuals and it gives them a space to socialize with other children their age. Seven used to be very shy, he’s now opened up and made friends. I would recommend other families looking for a safe place for their children to explore and be introduced to new things.

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