When you volunteer with Open Doors Academy, you bring your talents and expertise to the kids and to the organization. You provide an invaluable gift of your time. When you give time to a young person you let them know they matter and that they are valued.


Together, we can work together to Protect, Inspire, Nurture, & Challenge our kids and families. Interested in getting involved? Here’s how:

Ways to Get Involved

ODA provides year-round support for our kids and families. That means there is always something to do!

For example, you can:

  • Volunteer at one of our campuses;
  • Tutor student in math, reading, or another subject;
  • Mentor ODA alumni;
  • Organize a school supply drive;
  • Volunteer at one of our family events or fundraisers; or
  • Organize colleagues, family members, or friends to complete a Done-in-a-Day Project.

Interested or want to learn more?  To get started, contact Community Engagement Manager, Joseph Postwaite at jpostwaite@odacle.org.