Mtepa Jacob

Campus Coordinator

Mtepa Jacob joined ODA in 2020 as an In-Person Program Coordinator at the Remote Learning Center at E Prep Cliffs. From there, we went on to join the Summer Camp team before landing as a Program Coordinator for Miles Park School. He goes by both “Mtepa” and “Jacob,” but most of his scholars know him as “Mr. Jacob.”

Jacob began his career in his home country of Tanzania in the youth development sector, coordinating programs that engage and empower young people from all around the world. He has been a part of various youth forums, community outreach programs, and youth summer camp programs. In his career in Northeast Ohio, he has overseen before and afterschool programs as a lead teacher and site administrator. 

Mtepa holds a BA in Sociology from St. Augustine University of Tanzania. He is passionate about education, positive youth skill development, community development and social welfare. 

When not at work, Jacob love watching sports and comedy. He is known around the office for his jokes!